Che Guevara, the man in the beret with the star, ‘the man with the beauty of an archangel”, embodies one of the strongest myths of the 20th century, a combination of saint and adventurer, somewhere between Don Quixote and a latter -day Jesus Christ. In his relations with Fidel Castro, he is the hero of a tragedy of Shakespearean dimensions. Che Guevara became a symbol of an entire generation. Today he is a myth. Some still draw inspiration from him. Others condemn him, sometimes bitterly. For all, he is a subject of controversory and passion. This fascinating film examines the myth including: – his voyages of discovery through Latin America, – the meeting with Fidel Castro, when an instantaneous friendship was born, – his travels around the world as Cuba’s ambassador, sent by Castro to meet Krushchev, Nasser, Nehru, Tito, Mao… – his day as a victorious leader of guerrilla warfare and a cold -blooded revolutionary, – his various disguises worthy of a Hollywood thriller, – the disastrous episode in the Congo, – and his tragic end at Bolivia at the age of 39.

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    Française - Anglaise
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    Pierre Kalfon, Maurice Dugowson
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    Off the Fence - Igeldo Kommunikazioa - CINETEVE DISTRIBUTION : salles France
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    Editing : Joseph Licide Sound : Jean Louis Valero
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    Interviews : Jean-Pierre Clerc, Jannette Habel, Pierre Kalfon Commentaries : Jean-Claude Dauphin Consulting : Patrick Rotman Music : Jorge Arrigada