• Direction

    Maurice Dugowson
  • Author

    Pierre Kalfon, Maurice Dugowson
  • Coproduction

    With the participation of Canal+ (France, Spain,Belgium) of EURIMAGES, of the CNC of the Procirep of RAI, and of Euskal Telebista.


Che Guevara, the man in the beret with the star, ‘the man with the beauty of an archangel”, embodies one of the strongest myths of the 20th century, a combination of saint and adventurer, somewhere between Don Quixote and a latter -day Jesus Christ. In his relations with Fidel Castro, he is the hero of a tragedy of Shakespearean dimensions. Che Guevara became a symbol of an entire generation. Today he is a myth. Some still draw inspiration from him. Others condemn him, sometimes bitterly. For all, he is a subject of controversory and passion. This fascinating film examines the myth including: – his voyages of discovery through Latin America, – the meeting with Fidel Castro, when an instantaneous friendship was born, – his travels around the world as Cuba’s ambassador, sent by Castro to meet Krushchev, Nasser, Nehru, Tito, Mao… – his day as a victorious leader of guerrilla warfare and a cold -blooded revolutionary, – his various disguises worthy of a Hollywood thriller, – the disastrous episode in the Congo, – and his tragic end at Bolivia at the age of 39.

  • Available versions

    Française - Anglaise
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  • Distributor

    Off the Fence - Igeldo Kommunikazioa - CINETEVE DISTRIBUTION : salles France
  • Technical team

    Editing : Joseph Licide
    Sound : Jean Louis Valero
  • Cast

    Interviews : Jean-Pierre Clerc, Jannette Habel, Pierre Kalfon
    Commentaries : Jean-Claude Dauphin
    Consulting : Patrick Rotman

    Music : Jorge Arrigada
  • Festival

    Festival International de cin�m� de Santo Domingo 2002
    Toronto Latino Film and Vid�o Festival 2002
    La Cita Festival international Cin�ma et Culture de l'Am�rique Latine 1998
    6 �me French Film Festival, Universit� de Virginie, USA 1998
    Festival de San Sebatien 1997
    7�me International Oslo Film Festival 1997