They have been present for 225 million years, and long after we disappear, they will continue to invent new forms to get hold of any ecological niche. They are evolution’s foremost success, representing 80% of all animal species. Their diversity is beyond comparison, their total biomass is huge, exceeding that of all mammals together. They have invented paper, sonar, air conditionning, chemical warfare, cattle breeding, pharmacy, job specialization…. Produced according to the highest film standards, INSECTIA is a popularization series based on astonishing analogies between our behaviour and activities and those of insects. At a time when our survival on this planet could depend on a new partnership with nature, INSECTIA comes in as an esential and original focus.

  • Languages

    Couleur, VF, V.Ang
  • Author

    Denis BLAQUIÈRE, Georges BROSSARD, Charles DOMINGUE, Nathalie LAUTIER
  • Distributor

  • Technical team

    Macrocinematography : Claude Julie Parisot et Isabelle Bourzat Editing : Dominique Champagne et Jean Marie Drot 1. Inventeurs invertébrés 2. Nouvel ordre mondial 3. Art vivant 4. Il y a des insectes là-dessous 5. Mythes et légendes 6. Jeux de l'amour 7. Méchants papillons 8. Capsules d'énergie 9. Jeux d'enfants 10. Guerre miniature 11. Insectes dieux 12. Champions de l'évolution 13. Fous d'insectes 14. Insectes du bout du monde 15. Profession chasseurs d'insectes 16. Symphonie pour hexapode 17. Scorpions 18. La vie dans un désert 19. L'île aux tisseuses 20. La grande alliance 21. La vie dans un seul arbre 22. Insectes à vendre 23. Les insectes aquatiques 24. Mascarade 25. Hors la Loi 26. Voyageurs du temps
  • Cast

    Original Score : Jimmy Tanaka