10pm on a summer’s evening. The sun goes down over the Place de la République in Paris.

Lucie and Rio embark on an “urbex”, descending into the city’s abandoned underground networks. The two teens share their adventure live on social media.

On a subway platform, two young lawyers are on their way to join some friends. They film themselves as they wait for the train.

Nora and Djibril have just made love. While he heads off to work, she meets a friend for the evening.

None of them yet know it, but moments later, a terrorist attack will change their lives, linking their destinies forever. In a few moments, they are about to enter the darkness.

The fiction unfolds through three simultaneous video feeds, filmed on cellphones and available to all via social media. By switching from one feed to another, the spectator discovers the three narratives of an ensemble film. From the excitement of the moment, comments from fans, and loss of signal, the spectator is immersed in the flow of multiple and wide-ranging sources of information that flood our perception of reality whenever such an attack occurs.


  • Languages

    French, English
  • Format

    Interactive film
  • Author

    Simon Bouisson & Olivier Demangel