Séance 129

11 NOVEMBRE 1918


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November 11, 1918. 4 pm. Session 129.
In France’s National Assembly, President Clemenceau announces an Armistice which
frees the world of a conflict that has been wreaking destruction for 4 years. Before him,
wild with joy and full of hope for the new peace are a host of members of parliament,
journalists, Parisians… and you.

SESSION 129 is a free interpretation of Georges Clemenceau’s speech; an immersive
experience that, 100 years later, gives you the chance to share the indescribable fervor
of that historic moment.

Directed by Alexandre Perez and written with Joffrey Lavigne

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  • Languages

  • Format

    360° film
  • Support location

    360° film in 3D with spatialized sound
  • Author

    Alexandre Perez & Joffrey Lavigne
  • Technical team

    Thomas jacquet

    Saint george studio

    Sound creation:

    Lidar 3d scan and photogrammetry:
  • Cast

    In the role of Georges Clemenceau:
    Daniel Mesguich

    In the role of Lazare Weiller:
    Vincent Nemeth

  • Virtual-Reality Production Available On Oculus