Libérez Emilie

Online experience

  • Direction

    Joffrey Lavigne
  • Author

    Joffrey Lavigne, Mathieu Gayet & Alexis Moroz
  • Broadcaster

    France Télévisions Nouvelles Écritures


A narrow room in an abandoned house's basement. Corroded by time, it contains traces of a disturbing past... Welcome to Emilie Sauvage's prison, the first victim of a serial killer. Emilie asks for your help, venture to the deepest part of her prison and attempt to free her ! An innovative display for two people to experience.  Use your computer or tablet and cooperate with your partner using a mobile device to free Emilie.  
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  • Technical team

    HELLOHIKIMORI Creative Director David Ronhel Artistic Director : Solyne Loyer & Mathilde Lier Technical Manager : Guillaume Gouessan Developers : Laetitia Nanni Yann Kubacki David Ronai Project Manager : Clément Salle Project Director Loïc Movellan