- 28 OCTOBRE 2015


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During a weekend of integration, or WEI, at a top French business school, the body of a young man is found by a lake. He has drowned. The police arrive at the scene and begin interviewing the students. Their versions of events are so contradictory, the police do not believe the death is just an accident. They decide to seize all the photos and films taken by the students during the weekend in an effort to establish the truth.

WEI OR DIE is a new kind of immersive, high-tech drama, which puts the web-user at the heart of the interactive process. A social thriller with elements of teen movies like Project X or Smart Ass, WEI OR DIE (re)plays out an initiation weekend in which a group of students continually push the boundaries of a what partying is all about.

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    Développé par Keblow
    En partenariat avec Les Inrocks, Konbini, Libération, L'étudiant, Mademoiselle et le Numa