• Direction

    Simon Bouisson, Olivier Demangel
  • Author

    Simon Bouisson and Olivier Demangel
  • Production

  • Coproduction

    Resistance Films
  • Broadcaster

    France Télévisions Nouvelles Écritures


During a business school hazing week-end, the drowned body of a young man is found on the banks of a lake. When the police arrive, they confiscate all the footages shot by the students to try to clarify the grey areas and find out the truth. All the videos shot throughout the week-end are resynchronized and organized on a timeline that the users can explore in real time. They select though which cameras they want to view the scenes and become the editor of their own movie, choosing to keep an eye on the characters they find the most charming, interesting... or suspicious... WEI or DIE is a new kind of immersive technological drama which places the user at the heart of its interactive process. In a social thriller with a ‘teen movie’ atmosphere, WEI OR DIE stages a ‘WEI’ (weekend d'integration), a hazing week-end, throughout which a group of students keeps testing the freshmen's limits to see how far they can take the party.  

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    • Available versions

      French, English
    • Format

      Interactive film
    • Technical team

      An interactive film by Simon Bouisson written with Olivier Demangel Starring Noémie Merlant, Xavier Lacaille and Côme Levin A Cinétévé Experience, Résistance Films and France Télévisions Nouvelles Écritures coproduction Produced by David Bigiaoui and Sara Brucker With the support of CNC - CICLIC CENTRE VAL DE LOIRE - PICTANOVO MÉTROPOLE EUROPÉENNE DE LILLE - INSTITUT FRANÇAIS PROGRAMME MEDIA DE L'UNION EUROPÉENNE Graphic design : Simon Bouisson Director of photography : Ludovic Zuili Audio engineer : Romain de Gueltzl Artistic Director : Sophie Bégon Editors : Simon Bouisson & Cécile Frey Sound editors et sound mixers : Vincent Verdoux & Julien Roig Special effects : Autre Chose
    • Cast

      Xavier Lacaille in the part of JB Jade Hénot in the part of Leïla Thomas Silberstein in the part of Jules Noémie Merlant in the part of Tania Jonathan Demurger in the part of Romain Arthur Choisnet in the part of Léo Freddy Kimps in the part of Ali Laurette Tessier in the part of Mélanie Gary Mihaileanu in the part of Félix Camille Pélicier in the part of Emma Léonard Prain in the part of Vincent Jules Babin in the part of Malek Ludovic Zuili in the part of Ludo Stéphane Bak in the part of Bak Côme Levin in the part of Côme Nina Mélo in the part of Nina Tiphaine Haas in the part of Mona Camille Claris in the part of Clarisse
    • Festival

      Fipa d'or SMART FIPA 🏆 Best Interactive Narrative LOVIE AWARDS 🏆 Best Interactive Narrative FILMGATE MIAMI 🏆 Trophée révélation ASSEMBLEE DES MEDIAS 🏆 Prix de l'innovation LUCHON 🏆 Grand Prix du Jury SWISS WEB PROGRAM 🏆 Meilleure œuvre transmedia internationale LIÈGE WEB FEST 🏆 Présenté à CLERMONT-FERRAND INT SHORT FILM FEST Présenté à PREMIERS PLANS ANGERS Présenté à LA ROCHELLE TV FILM FEST Présenté à FORUM BLANC ANNECY Présenté à I LOVE TRANSMEDIA