Margaret Thatcher’s last days


Margaret Thatcher. First and only woman Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, re-elected three times, and at the head of the government for eleven years… She has been one of the most admired, yet one of the most reviled contemporary political figures.
Her destiny has been played out in three days, from November 20 to 22, 1990: from the preparation of her destitution to her political downfall, stabbed in the back by her own Ministers, Secretaries of State, advisors, campaign managers and cabinet secretary…
Told by the “conspirators” themselves, all of them being live witnesses, “Who killed Maggie?” – William Karel’s latest documentary – is the amazing story of the final days in power of Margaret Thatcher, who would later tell her daughter Carol: “I will never forget… And I will never forgive them!”. A Shakespearian tragedy.

  • Languages

    VF, VA
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  • Author

    William Karel
  • Technical team

    Editing : Michèle Hollander
    Camera : Stéphane Saporito, Mark Turner & Andy Clark
  • Cast

    Narrator : Michel Papineschi
    Music : Courtesy of Parigo
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    ZODIAK Entertainment
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    ARTE vidéo
  • Festival

    Silver Fipa 2009