The new israelian cinema

  • Direction

    Jean-Marie Nizan
  • Author

    Stéphane Bergounhioux & Jean-Marie Nizan
  • Production

  • Coproduction

    With the participation of Canal+, Cinécinéma, BeTV and the CNC
  • Broadcaster

    Ciné Club


With “Waltz with Bachir”, “My Treasure”, “The Fanfare Visit” and “Jellyfish”…  recompensed with prizes in all festivals, the new israeli cinema seduces spectators all arround the world. The key? At least, to become emanciped of the weight of its history an to interest all kind of audience . Meeting with young israeli directors of today, “Les Bulles” points out two evidences : if it ‘s still impossible to tell israeli cinema without frontally tackling the israeli-palestinian conflict, installed since now 60 years, the regard has changed and the new generation is exhausted this inextricable situation.

To testify of this state; the israeli Ronit Elkabetz and the palestinian Hiam Abbass : real symbols of beauty intelligence and politic fusion so much dreamed, who have occasionally met eachother for the first  time for this documentary.

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  • Technical team

    Camera : Stéphane Bergounhioux et Jean-Marie Nizan
    Sound : Jérôme Aghion
    Editing : Fabien Bouillaud and Jacques Estève