• Direction

    Daniel Vigne
  • Author

    Chantal Renaud
  • Production

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Who could better embody the “famous African integration” than Fatou, a bright student, a cheerful and educated adolescent of Malian origin, free to work and comes and goes as she pleases? And yet, this young Malian woman will report rape and sequestration to the police and cause an unprecedented scandal, a tremor that will shake all her community. This film proposes to tell the story of Fatou’s battle, how she was forced into marriage and banished by her family.

  • Support location

    Super 16mm
  • Distributor

    AB International
  • Technical team

    Image: Flore THULLIEZ
    Sound: Jean Luc RAULT CHEYNET
    Editing: Thierry SIMMONET
    Mixing: Christophe FERRANDON
  • Cast

    Fatou N'DIAYE, Paulin Foualem FODOUOP
    Elodie NAVARRE, Mariam KABA
    Pascal NZONZI ,Diouc KOMA

    Original score: Ray LEMA
    Editions Cineteve
    BO Disponible chez 2GOOD
  • DVD Distributor

    Editions Montparnasse
  • Music edition

  • Festival

    FIPA D?OR 2001
    7 d'Or 2001 du meilleur t�l�film
    Nomin� aux International Emmy Awards 2001
    S�lectionn� en comp�tition au Festival " Vues d'Afrique" Montr�al 2001