Toman is an old savage child, who saw his parents assassinated in front of him.

Today Toman lives in the Reunion island. Fisherman, he doesn’t know neigther read nor write. Faced to hommes’s violence and to his own violence, Toman became to his turn a muderer. He kills the ones who “hurt” the ones he loves. In 15 years, he killed 10 persons.

Daphné arrives in the Reunion island, she ‘s looking for her husband, who disappeared.

Her husband : the Toman’s last victim.

  • Support location

    35 mm
  • Author

    Marc Herpoux & Hervé Hadmar
  • Technical team

    Camera : Jean-Max Bernard
    Setting :
    Costume designer : Marie Jagou
  • Cast

    With Sami Bouajila and Sandrine Bonnaire
  • International sales

  • DVD Distributor