• Direction

    Sébastien Grall
  • Author

    Olivier Pouponneau & Sébastien Grall
  • Production

  • Coproduction

    Director of photography : D. Brenguier
    Sound engineer : Jean-Luc Rault-Cheynet
    Production designer : Olivier Paultre
    Film Editor : Diane Logan
    Sound Editor : Jean-Marc Lentretien
    Mixing : Denis Leleux
  • Broadcaster

    France Télévisions
  • Category

  • Length



Hired by a surveillance company to oversee the security of a hypermarket, Pierre Solvy soon discovers that he’s expected to do other things besides the usual catching of suspects. The cameras at his disposal aren’t only used to watch the customers, but also to spy on the company’s employees, whatever they are doing… Pierre Solvy starts to win the trust of his superiors, until the day he discovers a trafficking network and becomes a threat to the system he helped to create. The trap closes around him.

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  • Cast

    Thomas Jouannet,
    François Berléand,
    Léonie Simaga,
    Francis Perrin,
    Alexandre Steiger,
    Jean-Luc Porraz
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    Film & Picture