Jacques Audiard

a self made hero

  • Direction

    Pierre-Henri Gibert
  • Author

    Pierre-Henri Gibert
  • Coproduction

    ARTE France
  • Broadcaster



In eight films, Jacques Audiard made his mark as one of the most important French filmmakers. His singular oeuvre enjoys unparalleled audience and critical acclaim. The man himself, however, preferred to live outside of the public eye. For the first time ever, this film sheds light on his life and work as seen from inside. "This beautiful documentary touches the truth of an author who became a major figure in only eight films" Télé Obs "An elegant and profound portrait " Télérama TT "A captivating portrait" Télé Star "The irresistible exploration of a disillusioned filmmaker" La Libre Belgique
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    Cinétévé Sales - Gorka GALLIER et Erik TOLLU g.gallier@cineteve.fr e.tollu@cineteve.fr
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    Image: Nicolas Duchêne Editing: Pierre-Henri Gibert Sound: Sylvain Copans Documentalist : Marie-Hélène Agnès Graphics: Yoann Crez Color grading: Gadiel Bendelac Mixing: Sylvain Copans
  • Cast

    A film by Pierre-Henri Gibert With the voice of Sarah-Jane Sauvegrain Historical advisor : Thomas Pillard
  • A Cinétéve and Arte France co-production Executive producers : Fabienne Servan Schreiber & Laurence Miller Arte Arts and Entertainment Unit: Emelie de Jong 
 Deputy Director: Ali Delici With the participation of Ciné+ and TV5MONDE With the support of PROCIREP - Société des Producteurs and ANGOA and the National Center for Cinema and Moving Images CNC.