• Direction

    Philippe Monnier
  • Author

    Jean-Pierre SINAPI, Daniel TONACHELLA
  • Category

  • Length



Jalna is the story of a big property situated in the heart of the wide Canada, and the story of its inhabitants : the Whiteoak family. A Dinasty directed by Adeline, almost 100 years old. From the beginning of this century until the 40’s we are going to share their dreams, their passions, their quarrels, their destiny…

  • Support location

    Support tournage: Super 16 mm couleur
  • Distributor

    France Télévision Distribution
  • Cast

    Jacques BONNAFFE, Serge DUPIRE, Danielle DARRIEUX, Catherine MOUCHET, Florence PERNEL
  • Festival

    Prize 7 d'Or 95 :
    - best soap opera
    - best actrice : Danielle DARRIEUX