• Direction

    Philippe Monnier
  • Author

    Jean-Pierre SINAPI, Daniel TONACHELLA
  • Category

  • Length



At the dawn of the Middle Ages, in the centre of a vast land which we know today as Europe…. a young girl, her background a mysrery, brought up a pack of wolves. In a world of violence and sensuality, finely balanced between paganism and christianity, Vanda, child of wolves, is taken in by a convent. Saint or witch…. she’s the one who speaks to the wolves to protect the villages and the travellers. Little by little, Vanda is drawn into the “Nuns revolt”, as recounted by Grégoire of Tours. A story of love, of mystery, of blood, dand of grace…

  • Support location

    35 mm couleur
  • Distributor

    France Téléision Distribution
  • Cast

    Marie -Christine BARRAULT,
    Marisa BERENSON, Eusebio LAZARO,
    Laure MARSAC, Julietta SERRANO,
    Caroline SIHOL, Maurice BARRIER,
    Edouard HASTINGS, Frank-Olivier BONNET,
    Original score: Serge FRANKLIN
    Editions HORTENSIA