• Direction

    Manu Bonmariage


From Cape Verde squatters to roguez who prowl about, from shady bars to feasts celebrated by various areas where “fear stalks”, Manu Bonmariage shows the reality of the suburban universe, guided by commisssioner Lamotte and his team of policemen. One has the feeling of witnessing the story of a failure, with the eternal struggle of good and evil… a mesh form which escape is impossible, something that has been put together with spit and string… And yet, form this savage reality grows an irresistible hope… to see emerging a new society that will be a happy mix of races and culture…

  • Distributor

  • Technical team

    Sound : Yvan Geeraert et Albert Rupf
    Camera : Manu Bonmariage
    Editing : Martin Frognier
  • Festival

    Sélectioned in :
    Festival "Image de Ville et Image de Vie" 2003
    FIPA 1995