A model of decolonization ?

  • Direction

    Deborah Ford
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    Deborah Ford
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    Arte France
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Posterity has inherited the idea that British decolonization was a peaceful, consensual and exemplary process. Unlike the other colonial powers, which clung to their imperialist dreams, the government of His, and later Her, Majesty offered the peoples under its dominion a peaceful transition to independence. And yet! With violent repression, forced displacement of populations, internment camps and civil wars, the British crown didn’t let go of its colonial jewels until it was forced to... often at the price of great bloodshed!
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      Cinétévé Sales -Gorka - Erik Tollu
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      Commentary voice : Mohamed Rouabhi Original music : Stéphane Lopez - Editions Cinétévé - LNA Records Editing : Pauline Pallier Assistant editor : Sophie Krykwinski Sound editor : Frédéric Commault Documentalist : Marie-Hélène Barbéris Graphic design : Jérémie Sommet Calibrator : Guillermo Fernandez
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      A film by Deborah Ford Directed by Deborah Ford Editorial Director: Olivier Wieviorka Art Director: David Korn-Brzoza Historical advisor: Mélanie Torrent
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      Cinétévé Sales - Gorka Gallier - - Erik Tollu
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