Libérez Émilie

The immersive experience


A narrow room in an abandoned house. Worn out by time, it holds the traces of a disturbing past… Welcome to the prison of Emilie, the first victim of a serial killer. Immersed in a dual space, real and virtual, you will need to co-operate to understand Emilie’s story and try to free her…

Libérez Emilie is an immersive experience made for two participants. This project questions the connection we share with each other and with the real world at the era of virtual reality.

This experience was shown at the CENTQUATRE-PARIS.

  • Languages

  • Format

    Virtual reality installation
  • Author

    Mathieu Gayet and Alexis Moroz
  • Technical team


    Voice :
    Géraldine Szajman

    Silhouette :
    Silvia Gaillard

    Sound Designer :
    Pierre Picot
  • Cast

    Based on Les Témoins, a show created by Hervé Hadmar & Marc Herpoux
  • Festival

  • Immersive experience, intertwining virtual reality and real life sets.