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    Virginie Linhart
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    Virginie Linhart
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    With the support of
    the Procirep, Société des producteurs
    With the participation of
    Centre national du cinéma et de l’image animée
    Fondation pour la Mémoire de la Shoah
    Ministère de la défense, secrétariat général
    pour l’administration,
    direction de la mémoire,
    du patrimoine et des archives
    and of
    France Télévisions
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    France 2


For  all the Jew susvivors of death camps, their arrival in France in 1945 was a hardship particularly signifiant which we still today under-estimate the magnitude. How to revive with a life which has been interrupted by such violence?

How to reconstruct theirself whereas all or most of your familly has been killed?

How can they do to start again their studies, earn their life in a society which several years before has banished you?

How can you believe again in love, in friendships, in having children when coming back from evil?

For the first time, the survivors relate what was their lifes after the camps. They speak directly at the first person, with personal archives extracted from familly albums from their 65 years of life rebuilted after the genocide.

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    Camera : Michel Bort
    Sound : Jean-Jacques Faure
    Editing : Laure-Alice Hervé
    Original score : Eric Slabiak