The fight of one's life

  • Direction

    Fred Cebron
  • Author

    Jean-Marie Montali
  • Coproduction

    With the participation of
    Planète justice
    the CNC
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    Planète Justice


The judicial institution is probably the most solemn institution, it inspires a lot of respect and even a sort of fear : this justice is believed implacable and infallible. Nevertheless, the Law is not an exact science, and the justicial power can also be mistaken.

The miscarriage is truly a tragedy when someone is a victim of it. His life is devastated, his family destroyed. The past is sweeped and the futur is shuted up behind bars. In most cases, the wrong convicted prisoner has only one hope to hold onto in order to not completly give way : to gain recognition of the miscarriage.This is the fight of their life.

 In order to understand how the judicial mistake can happen and to ilustrate the innocent’s fight, we choose three examples : Patrick Dills, Alain Marécaux and Pierre Royal.

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