• Direction

    Fabienne Dupont
  • Author

    Fabienne DUPONT
  • Production

  • Broadcaster



A film about the misadventures of France MP3, a start-up company specializing in musical e-commerce. After a year of euphoria the turnover was very weak, the losses increasing and the investors beginning to get impatient. The company managers had no choice but to begin to lay off staff. The human cost was more painful and everyone was forced into an every-man-for-himself position. Beyond the failure of these micro-companies that heralded an economic revolution thanks to the Internet, the film in particular deals with the accelerated individualization of work relations, a situation these new companies typify.

  • Available versions

    Couleur, VF
  • Format

  • Support location

    Beta Num, DVcam
  • Distributor

    ARTE France
  • Technical team

    Camera : Didier Hille Derive, Olvier Dorain
    Sound : Antoine Rodet, Joël Flescher, Jérôme Aghion, Florent Blanchard, Marie Madeleine Larigaldi
    Editing : Véronique Sanson
  • Cast

    Voices : Anne Morin,
    original score :
    "Pas vu pas pris", Pierre-André Athané (Kmusik/Kosinus)
    "J?pète les plombs", Disiz le Peste
    'La muraille de Chine", Henri Salvador
  • Festival

    Festival "Traces de vie ", Rencontres du film documentaire de clermont -Ferrand -Vic -le -Comte 2001
    FIPA 2002 "Situation de la création Française"