Yesterday, they were excluded and marginalized. Today there’s no getting around them as they take pride of place in most sports. Within a matter of years, women have made it to the fore in the world of international sports. Beautiful, intelligent, stubbornly competitive, at the same time they have become fashion incons. Marion Jones, Franziska Von Almsick, Marie -José Pérec, Estella Warrenn, Mia Ham, Gabriella Reece talk about their new starring roles. But, farther south, there are also athletes who live in a world without magazines, commercials or fashion shows, athletes from another world where sports is a struggle, a provocation, a symbol of liberty and independence. So it is for Hassiba Boumerka.

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    Beta Numérique
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    Jacques MAIGNE
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    Editing : Francis Coulon
    Sound: Olivier Blanc, Dominique Lancelot,Nicolas Mazet,Dave Mc Junkin,Ludmila Rubina
    Camera : Bertrand Bellei ; Christophe Grelié,Philippe Lagnier,Yves Michaud,Nicolas Monterrat
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    France Télévision Distribution
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    Festival International du film d'Action et d'Aventures de valenciennes, 2001