Judith, a 12 year -old girl, stands before her girlfriend’s coffin. Karin was killed by a roadhog, who ran away after the accident. When she touches the body, Judith receives a violent shock: she sees Karin’s death on the desert road and recognizes the roadhog’s face… 15 yeas later…Judith has stayed voluntarily in a psychiatric clinic for ten years because of her phobia related to touch. Claire, a psychotherapist, wants to cure Judith from her isolation and ” get her back “to the world…But a mysterious and attractive young publisher, Jeremy, is going to change the life of the two women. Thanks to her mysterious gift which enables her to “read the death “, will Judith manage to protect Claire from evil man?

  • Languages

  • Support location

    Super 16 mm
  • Author

    Mireille LANTÉRI
  • Technical team

    Operator in Chief: Elso ROQUE
    Sound: Carlos PINTO
    Editing: Frédéric MASSIOT
    Mixing: Williams SCHMIT
  • Cast

    Cristiana REALI
    Emmanuelle DEVOS

    Musique: François Staal
    Éditions Cinétévé-Delabel
  • Distributor