• Direction

    Dominique Ladoge
  • Category

  • Length



17 years old Medhi arrives in Moussey, in a small mountain village, to do his community service, ordered by the judge. He is sent to help 2 brothers, Abel and Jo Vagney, in their family run saw mill “La Sagarde”. In a saw mill, the work is hard, too hard perhaps… There’s no room for slackers, for idleness. Medhi finds it hard to adapt. His relationship with Abel is strained. Although Medhi and Abel have much in common…

  • Support location

    Super 16 mm
  • Distributor

    AB International
  • Technical team

    Operator in Chief: Etienne FAUDUET
    Sound: Jean-Louis RICHET
    Editing: Didier RANZ
    Mixing: Nami CAGANI
  • Cast

    Samir DJAMA
    Jean-Roger MILO
    Florence THOMASSIN
    Jacques BONNOT

    Original Score: Michel Coeuriot
    Editions Par Coeur
  • Festival

    Selected Out of Competition at FIPA 2001