• Direction

    Olivier Farines
  • Author

    Jérôme Bertin et François Hubert-Rodier
  • Coproduction

    With the participation of Canal +, RTBF, Be TV and CNC.
  • Broadcaster

    Canal +


 As we revisit a master’s painting to the lightingof his first drafts, as the bargain hunteror the nosy looking for an explanation about the “why” of star trajectory, we will investigate onmysterious alchemy of celebrity. We will try in a way “not modest” to establish the physic laws of celebrity. At the crossroad of talent, chance and envy, we’ll kindle curiosity to our cinema star and singer’s prehistory, to attempt to capture elusive instants where they made an appointment with their destinies. With this question that will prowl as a bad friend or as a heady melody : why them? And why not me?

Thus we will have a flea market partywhere actor and actress will go back for us onthe sequined track of their begining, to remenber, as we remenber in love, the very first time that will decides their profession, their success, their vocation.

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    Editting: Patrice BOUSQUET
  • Cast

    Sandrine Bonnaire , Patrick Bruel, Laetitia Casta, Clovis Cornillac, Béatrice Dalle, Cécile de France, Julie Depardieu, Sara Forestier, Riton Liebman, Sophie Marceau, Stanislas Merhar, Laura Smet, Philippe Torreton

    Original score : Patrice GOMIS