PSYCHO-FICTION, Couple en Crise

  • Direction

    Eric Le Roch
  • Author

    Nicole JAMET
  • Production

  • Coproduction

    With the participation of France 5 and the CNC
  • Broadcaster

    France 5


Carole and Étienne are married for almost ten years. This close and loving couple really took advantage together of the life during years before planning the birth of their first child. The life then changed, the stress of the work, the domestic spots, the education of the child, which the shared loving feeling made bearable accumulates. Let him go becomes more marked, the bad humor appears, the couple doubts and sinks. This evening there, Carole arrives late of her work, what does not estimate her mother-in-law who acts as baby-sitter and who waited to be freed to fetch her husband. Because they mean having dinner that very evening at Carole’s and Etienne, what the young woman ignored.Opposed that Etienne did not warn it of it, and did not alarm by the baby who woke up, Carole drops her shopping bags and her business to disappear in the room of the child. It is then that Etienne brings in. Tired of its day, the view of reserves, coat and bag scattered stresses its bad humor. The sour phone call which crosses her mother to suggest cancelling the dinner ” because it seems to raise problem to his beautiful daughter “, finishes irritating him, when Carole re-appears of the room, it is the explosion. This crisis which follows very certainly in of numerous other, is going to be the release mechanism of the short the bowl so many Carole as Etienne, the couple is at the edge of the break. It is a friend of Carole, tires of hearing her friend complain about her husband and powerless to help him, who advises him to tempt a psychotherapy of couple, what, although with hesitation, is going to bring our characters at SYLVIE ANGEL.

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  • Format

  • Support location

    DV Cam
  • Distributor

    Editions Montaparnasse DVD
  • Technical team

    Image : Wilfrid SEMPE
    Sound : François LALANDE
    Editing : Bertrand BOUTILLER
  • Cast

    Emilie COLI
    Jean-Yves ROAN
    Thérèse ROUSSE
    Johan CORBEAU
    Nathalie KOUPER

    Original Score: Alain BERNARD