• Direction

    Philippe Borrel
  • Author

    Elias Jabre
  • Production



watch with Firefox Official Website This visual and sound interference on the target’s computer is the voice of the Resistance after the advent, in 2029, of singularity, of machine-led post-humanism. The interactive project is built around the story of a fictitious character who has come from the future to address us in the contemporary world and to change how people view things. The voice is trying to open our minds by giving us clues supposedly found on the web: photos, videos, animated images, texts, and so forth. Director of the documentary “Un monde sans humains”, Philippe Borel has here collaborated with Elias Jabre on a particularly innovative project, enriched with work from the photographers’ collective Tendance Floue and texts by Alain Damasio, Roland Gori and Isabelle Sorente.