• Direction

    Thierry Neuville
  • Author

    Sophie LECHEVALIER et Thierry NEUVILLE
  • Production

  • Broadcaster

    France 5


The subject of this film is the birth of a new idea. For years now, aged people who have lost their liberty of movement have been dependent on services that keep them within their four walls. The new idea is to enable them to get around once more — to follow their own wishes and feelings but it’s even harder when one is sociologically disdvantaged, ill-equipped and looked down on by society. “Rue de l’Avenir” is the story of a quest, comic and poignant at the same time.Its protagonists, in their awkward yet moving attempt to braek out of society’s indifference and their own anonymity, symbolize the desire we all share to be recognized, to feel useful, to have a mission to fulfill in a word, to feel that we count for others, wich means we counut for ourselves.

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  • Technical team

    Image and sound: Thierry Neuville
    Editing image:Françoise Belleville
    Editing sound:Reine Wekstein
  • Cast

    Music: "Akka I D-US" de AKLI D, K-Musik
  • Festival

    FIGRA 2003 section "Autrement vu"