• Direction

    Bernard Debord
  • Author

    Bernard DEBORD & Philippe DEGEORGES
  • Broadcaster



The time is present, the place the arid vasteness of Sahel region of Niger. The story tells of a world thought to be impossible and a time supposed to belong to the past: a story of slavery as it was in the ancient days.The two women who tell the story are both black , both former slaves who had the courage to free themselves from bondage and , with the support of the association Timidria, have undertaken to confront their former masters. Boulboulou seeks compensation for her 18 years in slavery. Tumajet wants to rescue her teen-aged daughter, who is still in captivity. Following nomad trails through Tuareg country, the film leads us on a quest for justice into the heart of a contemporary feudal system. This incursion into the world of slavery reveals the complex relatrionships between masters and slaves and their inconceivable reality.

  • Available versions

    Couleur, VF Sous titrée, V. Anglaise Sous titrée
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    Beta Numérique
  • Distributor

    DOC & CO
  • Technical team

    Image : Dominique Alisé
    Sound : André Rigaut
    Editing : Sylvie Bourget
    Mixage : Jean-Pierre Bordiau
  • Festival

    Prix du Regard Social au Festival Traces de Vies à Vic Le Comte à Clermont Ferrand 2002.
    Prix du documentaire au Festival International du Scoop et du Journalisme d'Angers 2002.
    Golden Gate Award 2003: best television documentary long form

    Sélectionné :
    5th Amnesty International Film Festival
    13ème Festival Cinéma Africano de Milan
    Hot Docs 2003 "International Showcase"
    San Francisco International Film Festival 2003
    Festival International du Film d'Amiens 2002
    43 ème Festival dei Popoli - Florence 2002
    Human Rights in Film International Film Festival à Warsaw 2002
    FIPA 2002 " Grands reportages et faits de société"