• Direction

    Hubert Dubois
  • Author

    Hubert DUBOIS
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    with the participation of
    and of
    Centre National de la Cinématographie

    and the support of
    Programme MEDIA de l’Union Européenne
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What should be done about prostitution ? We are told it has always existed, that it is unavoidable. Society can consequently tolerate prostitution on condition it doesn’t become too obtrusive. Some say the solution is to legalize it , as Holland has done. This film takes us to the very core of a system where the sale of the human body has become a business like any other. While entrepreneur’s profits soar, customers consume in total impunity and the State get rich, the sex workers themselves speak but never show themselves. It is not enough to decree that prostitution is a job like another to make it respectable. What justifies legalization? Should the Dutch example become a model for the European Union? This film removes all the masks, one by one, to show that beyond the majority view promoted by Holland, prostitution, even legalized, remains a form of slavery.

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    Couleur, VF, V. Ang.
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    Beta Num, DVcam
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    DOC & CO
  • Technical team

    Image and sound: Hubert Dubois
    Editing: Michèle Coyrbou, Paul Morris
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    Original Score: Hubert Dubois
  • Festival

    Sélectioné :
    Soirée d'ouverture hors compétition du FIGRA 2003.
    Festival International de bar 2003
    Festival International de films de résistances 2003