• Direction

    Jean-Paul Fargier
  • Broadcaster

    France 5


Eyes that open and close with a zipper, a telephone receiver in the form of a lobster, a body made up of an assemblage of drawers, an iron studded with nails… To what world do they belong — these objects that deviate so bizarrely from their original purpose. To the strange and fascinating world of the surrealist movement, a group of poets, painters, photographers and filmmakers at the end of the First World War, who threw reason out the window and set out to reinvent a world. The pain and atrocities of the war they had lived through made them want to abandon their old lives and create a new and fundamentally different universe, a universe of poetry and dreams. From such a standpoint, everything became an object of wonder. They tracked down the countless marvels hidden in everyday life, and in so doing imposed another reality, a better and more beautiful one. To accompany the exhibition of the Pompidou Center “La Révolution surréaliste”, this film presents the surrealistic works of Max Ernst, André Breton, Magritte, Eluard, Soupault and many others.

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    Béta numérique
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  • Technical team

    Image: Jean Michel Gautreau,
    Sound: Alain PHILIPON
    Editing: Sandra PAUGAM
    Original Score: Pascal COMELADE
  • Cast

    Voice-over: Nini CREPON, Diane NIEDERMAN
  • Festival

    Festival International du film d'Art et Pédagogique à Unesco 2002
    Prix du film historique
  • A film by Jean-Paul FARGIER