• Direction

    Charles Picq
  • Author

    Jean-Michel GUY, Charles PICQ, Les Nouveaux Nez
  • Broadcaster



On a peaceful country road, four clowns furiously row their imaginary boat down an imaginary stream, using their musical instruments in place of paddles. Coming upon a strange collection of circus tents, they rush about in wild poursuit, alternately getting lost and finding one another again. When night falls, a phantasmagoria of dreams commences, where each clown wanders through the dreams of the other three. These are ?circus dreams? and through the eyes of our friends the clowns, bewildered or fascinated in turn, we witness a festival of circus acts, each one more amazing than the next: a bull-fighting juggler matches his art against a set of bowling balls; a clown, half-man half woman, is pitted against a hire-wire artist; youthful tumblers fly through the air in a series of death-defying acrobatic leaps; and while a hail of heterogeneous objects sail through the air – from Indian clubs to flying trapezes, not to mention pigeons and, more surprisingly, tigers – romantic adventures take place both on the ground and in mid-air. From the poetic charm of the Cirque Plume to the imposing majesty of the Arlette Gruss Circus, from the gentle romance of Lunatic and Vent d?Autan to the trashy atmosphere of Cahin-Caha, the gypsy world of the Morallès family to the ethereal aura of Arts Sauts, our four clowns will lead us through the astonishingly inventive world of today?s circus, creating as they go a spectacle the like of which you?ve never seen…

  • Available versions

    Couleur, VF, V. anglaise sous titrée
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    Beta Numérique
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  • Technical team

    Assistant director: Jean Marc Benguigui
    Image: Joël Labat, Jean-Yves Le Poulain
    Audio: Xavier Griette, Alain Philipon
    Montage: Marie-Françoise Michel, Patrick Faradji
  • Festival

    Festival International du film d'Art et Pédagogique
    Unesco 2002 - Grand Prix de la mise en scène.
    Laurier d'Or du Sénat 2003 section Jeunesse