A boat named Arianna. A journey. Twelve passengers.

After a few days’ sailing, the Arianna disappears from the radars.

A year later, mysteriously, it is found.

On board, only seven people are still alive.

What happened to the others? What secret are the survivors hiding? What have they become?

Survivors is a journey into the labyrinths of the psyche and the intimacy of human relationships. It is the answer to a simple but terrible question: how far would you go to survive?

  • Author

    Viola RISPOLI, Massimo BACCHINI, Sofia BRUSCHETTA, Giovanni GALASSI, Ivano FACHIN, Tommaso MATANO
  • Cast

    Lino Guanciale
    Stefi Celma
    Pia Lanciotti
    Adele Wismes
    Giacomo Giorgio
    Fausto Maria Sciarappa