Cuisine Interne

  • Direction

    Louis Farge
  • Author

    Created by Lucie Moreau & Olivier Treiner and written by Lucie Moreau, Camille Treiner & Thibault Vanhulle
  • Production

  • Coproduction

    24 25 Films
  • Broadcaster

    13ème Rue
  • Category

  • Length



Adriana is a young and ambitious Franco-Senegalese chef who dreams of Michelin stars, until the day she unwillingly gets mixed up with underground poker organizers, Jeff and Angele Rubens. The ruthless siblings have no qualms exploiting Adriana’s talent and restaurant, the Ballast, which soon becomes the epicenter of their burgeoning business and empire.  At first a witness and slowly becoming an unwitting accomplice to her business partners’ illegal activities, Adriana will fight tooth and nail to take back control of her life and restaurant.

  • Cast

    Annabelle Lengronne

    Mely Bourjac

    Vincent Heneine

    Malyka R. Johany

    Lucas Englander

    Bastien Bernini
  • International sales

    Have A Good One