• Direction

    Claudio Tonetti
  • Author

    Olivier POUPONNEAU
  • Category

  • Length



Sasseneire is a pasture, high in the mountains, abandoned by the villagers for the past twenty years because of a dark tale, which still haunts the elderly. Why should rumours of a deadly curse let such rich grassland go to waste when the parish is so poor ? The young farmers get their way and when summer comes they lead their herd 2300m up on the mountain pasture, under the watchful eye of the master cheesemaker, his nephew, four men and a young boy. Quickly, the remarks of the old Barthelemy install a climate of fear and superstition in the group ; then the ?illness? starts to strike the herd. Placed under quarantine, the mountain men are held prisoners of the threatening ice cap. Everything comes to a head?

  • Support location

    Super 16mm
  • Distributor

    AB International Distribution
  • Technical team

    Image: Aldo MUGNIER
    Sound : Henri MAIKOFF
    Editing : Didier RANZ
    Original Score: Philippe HERITIER
  • Cast

    Jean-Luc BIDEAU, Jean-Baptiste PUECH
    J�r�mie COVILLAULT, Anne COMTE, Antoine BASLER, Pascale ROCARD, Teco CELIO
  • Festival

    Prix spécial du jury du Grand Prix du meilleur scénario de télévision 2006 décerné dans le cadre du FIPA avec le soutien de France 2
    Prix Meilleure Fiction T�l�vision, Festival d'Autrans 2006