The time is present, the place the arid vasteness of Sahel region of Niger. The story tells of a world thought to be impossible and a time supposed to belong to the past: a story of slavery as it was in the ancient days.The two women who tell the story are both black , both former slaves who had the courage to free themselves from bondage and , with the support of the association Timidria, have undertaken to confront their former masters. Boulboulou seeks compensation for her 18 years in slavery. Tumajet wants to rescue her teen-aged daughter, who is still in captivity. Following nomad trails through Tuareg country, the film leads us on a quest for justice into the heart of a contemporary feudal system. This incursion into the world of slavery reveals the complex relatrionships between masters and slaves and their inconceivable reality.

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    Couleur, VF Sous titrée, V. Anglaise Sous titrée
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    Beta Numérique
  • Author

    Bernard DEBORD & Philippe DEGEORGES
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    DOC & CO
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    Image : Dominique Alisé Sound : André Rigaut Editing : Sylvie Bourget Mixage : Jean-Pierre Bordiau