Two years after her mother’s death, Lise returns to the family house.
The reunion with her father is soon interrupted by a presence.
It interferes with their relationship, taking sides.

This presence is the mother’s ghost.

And this ghost is embodied by the viewer.

ØRÐESA is an interactive film with a narrative in which the viewer gradually becomes a
protagonist. To begin with without them realizing, before becoming the key role.

  • Languages

    French, English
  • Author

    Nicolas Pelloille-Oudart & Nicolas Peufaillit
  • Technical team

    Author and director :
    Nicolas Pelloille

    Scenarist :
    Nicolas Peufaillit

    Director, and artistic director :
    Frédéric Jamain

    Film editor :
    Yorgos Lamprinos
  • Cast

    Starring Mélissa Guers and Carlo Brandt
  • Festival

    In competition at Magic Monaco
    Presented at Series Mania