French Resistance as a novel


Itinerary of a young anti-Semite, Charles Mauras disciple, who rejoins De Gaule in 1940 for learn in England the illegal war, before to find himself parachuted in France and to discover next to Jean Moulin, the french Resistance with its wrench. On places of his destiny out of the commun, Daniel Cordier takes us in the footstep of his past, brings back memories on the truth of details and atmospheres, the unbelievable challenge which was the one of “Free France”.

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  • Author

    Ecrit par Regis Debray et Bernard George
  • Technical team

    Camera : Jean- Louis Laforet et Bruno Canali
    Sound : Florent Ravalec
    Editing : Elke Hartmann
    Original score : Baccherini
  • Festival

    Laurier documentaire histoire 2011 du Club de l'audiovisuel de Paris
    Sélection dans la section Terre(s) d'Histoire-INA au FIPA 2011
  • Based on the book " Alias Caracalla" written by Daniel Cordier (Gallimard) and adapted by Olivier Salvatori