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  • Direction

    Christian Leblé
  • Author

    Christian Leblé
  • Coproduction

    In partnership with
    Cité de la Musique
    France Télévisions

    with the support of
    PROCIREP – Société des producteurs
    Le Centre National de la Cinématographie
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Since his childhood, the pianist Alexandre Tharaud is fascinated by Erik Satie. To stand up for him, he does not only imagine a concert, but a whole day of music. The documentary restores the unusual marathon, acheved in the middle of the night and punctuated hypnoticly by the mysterious “Vexations” that Satie wanted to see played 840 times. But intside this chronological progression, the concerts are crossing, the markers are vanishing. Juliette, François Morel, Olivier Saladin and Eric Le Sage, the Orchestre Lamoureux… the performers mix  the piano solo, four-hands piano, songs, orchesta music and also letters and imaginary lectures of this artist so perculiar. This is a “mix” of Satie, which makes discover more than we already know, gymnopedie or gnossienne a bit worn. Alexandre Tharaud is the documentary’s main character of this day, bringing the key composer’s aspects to light, imperceptible, serious and funny, so close to the modern art.

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    Camera : Sarah Blum and Fabrice Martinat
    Sound : Jean-Christophe Girard
    Editing : Mark Taylor, Valérie Castel and Isabelle Garibal