• Direction

    Nora Mandray
  • Author

    Nora Mandray & Helene Bienvenu
  • Production



Official website From Detroit to Europe, this webdoc explores the “Do It Yourself” movement as a new collaborative way of living in society and thinking about communities. At the forefront of this movement, the city of Detroit has embarked on a radical revolution driven by the Do It Yourself spirit, reinventing all aspects of society, including transport, food supply, communication, work, housing and culture. The DIY phenomenon has gathered pace and is developing all over the world, especially in France and elsewhere in Europe. Beyond the clichés, DIY Manifesto is a gripping portrait of those who are building the society of tomorrow.
  • Technical team

Bernard George
Joffrey Lavigne CO-PRODUCTION
Cinétévé - Caminéo - Roger Viollet - Canopé - France Télévision Nouvelles Écritures
With the support of the CNC, the Midi Pyrénées Region and the Ile de France Region WRITTEN BY
Bernard George & Joffrey Lavigne SPECIAL FEATURES
In partnership with the Fondation Jean Jaurès, the Centre National et Musée Jean Jaurès, La Dépèche, the Mission Centenaire de la Première Guerre Mondiale, La Fonderie, the Tarn Tourist Office