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    Simon Brook
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    Simon Brook, Henri Weber, Josie Miljevic
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    Avec la participation du CNC et le soutien de la PROCIREP-ANGOA
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At the end of the Sixties a cultural revolution took place, culminating in Europe with the student riots of 1968. It was a revolution that changed the arts and culture in the larger sense, as well as people’s mentalities. Music became militant and sexually explicit. Theatre became political and experimental, pop art blew people’s minds, and Mary Quant invented the miniskirt… As the Vietnam war raged on?

The archival images are commented by an eclectic selection of artists from the cultural world, including — film director Milos Forman, DJ Annie Nightingale, president Vaclav Havel, artist Ed Ruscha, photographer William Klein, actor Dennis Hopper, theatre director Peter Brook, designer Mary Quant..

Generation 68 is like a voyage in time that brings back to life this incredible period.

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    Editing : Josie MILJEVIC
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    With the participation of J-F. Bizot, P. Brook, J-C. Carrière, M. Forman, V. Havel, D. Hopper, W. Klein, A. Nightingale, M. Quant, E. Ruscha, G. Wolinski