The psycho-genealogy invites us to work on the transmission of traumatism, from generation to another generation, exploring each branch of his family tree.

Many people can find in it answers to recurrent sufferings, appeasement, and a new sense to their life.

Creator of this discipline, the psychanalyst Anne Ancelin-Schützenberg, author of “Aïe mes aïeux” guides us within mysterious arcades of heritage that manipulates our lifes, thanks to the experience of four witnesses who accept to confide us their difficulties and to reveal the secret face of their family stories .

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    Beta Num
  • Author

    Olivier LEBLEU
  • Technical team

    camera : Christophe Petit, Philippe Coutant
    sound : Denis Lepeut, Thierry Blandain
    editing : Isabelle Martin
  • Cast

    original score : Phil Férin

    narrative voice : Roland Timsit