In April 1918, while Europe was plunged into WWI, an extremely virulent flu swept across every continent. Wrongly called «Spanish flu», it raged for two years, causing the death of more than 50 million people before disappearing and falling into oblivion. A global historical investigation, thanks to access to rare and previously unseen archives and the use of the international press, photos and personal diaries of the time, the film will offer both deep insight and a chronological analysis of one of the major collective catastrophes of the 20th century.

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  • Format

  • Author

    Paul Le Grouyer & Lucie Pastor
  • Technical team

    Original music : Stéphane Lopez
    Chief Editor : Pierre Sainteny
    Sound editor : Frédéric Commault
    Documentalist : Deborah Ford-Gribaudi

    Voice recording and mixing : Georges Lafitte
    Directors of Production: Gaëlle Cottais & Nancy-Emmanuelle Gille
    Production manager: Élise Rothenbühler
    Production assistant: Yannick Aka Kouassi

    Production interns: Justine Soistier, Maroussia Kazan, Zoé Allard
  • Cast

    Authors: Lucie Pastor and Paul Le Grouyer
    director: Paul Le Grouyer
    producers: Fabienne Servan Schreiber & Fatma Tarhouni

    Historical advisors: Freddy Vinet
    Narrator: Éric Caravaca
    Editorialist assistant : Gauvain Siémons
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    Cinétévé Sales - Gorka Gallier - - Erik Tollu
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    Cinétévé Sales - Gorka Gallier - - Erik Tollu
  • Press officer : Michaël Morlon