James Tissot

The ambiguous figure of modernity

  • Direction

    Pascale Bouhénic
  • Author

    Pascale Bouhénic
  • Coproduction

    Orsay and Orangery Museums, ARTE France
  • Broadcaster



A delightful painter of fashion and appearances, and a beloved high-society portraitist, James Tissot (1836-1902) was long ignored by serious art historians. This film reveals a far more complex and interesting artist, a provincial in Paris, a bourgeois in the Paris Commune, and a Frenchman in London, for whom superficiality was a way to reveal hidden truths about society and its codes.

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  • Distributor

    CINETEVE SALES - Gorka GALLIER et Erik TOLLU g.gallier@cineteve.fr e.tollu@cineteve.fr
  • Technical team

    Image: Sébastien Buchmann & Daniel Meyers

    Image Editor: Marie Da Costa
    Assistant Editor: Luca Miller

    Sound editing: Romain Cadhillac, Nino Guarda
    Mickaël Kandelman, Damien Perrolaz

    Documentalist: Marie-Hélène Barberis

    Graphic designs: Jean-Baptiste Delorme, Maud Rémy
  • Cast

    A film by Pascal Bouhénie
    Assistant director : Léa Torreadrado

    With the voices of : Anne-Lise Heimburger, Stéphane Bouquet and Thomas Clerc

    Artistic advisors: Marine Kisiel, Paul Perrin and Cyrille Sciama

    Original music : Matthew Bourne
    Edition: Mute Song Limited

    Mixing: Amélie Canini
  • A Cinétéve and Arte France co-production

    Executive producers : Fabienne Servan Schreiber & Laurence Miller

    Arte Arts and Entertainment Unit : Emelie De Jong
    Deputy Director : Ali Delici

    With the support of
    the PROCIREP - Society of Producers
    and the ANGOA

    With the participation of
    the National Center for Cinema and Moving Images CNC.