Switzerland and WWII

An exemplary neutrality ?


History has bequeathed to us an image of Switzerland as a country that maintained admirable neutrality during World War II. And yet! From 1939 to 1945 the tiny Confederation abandoned its legendary values, and business- as-usual took precedence over other considerations. The country preserved its neutrality by taking liberties with its most fundamental principles, even when those concessions compromised its own honor.

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  • Author

    Philippe Saada
  • Technical team

    Voice over : Mohamed Rouabhi
    Editing : Paul Le Grouyer
    Aditing assistant: Samuel Pinon ; Emmanuelle Joly
    Sound editing : Frédéric Commault
    Documentalist : Karim Kamrani
    Graphism : Julien Condom
    Calibrator : Marc Desbordes
  • Cast

    A Philippe Saada and Paul Le Grouyer documentary
    Directed by Philippe Saada
    Editorial director : Olivier Wieviorka
    Artistic director : David Korn-Brzoza
    Historical advisor : Irène Herrmann
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    Festival international du film d'Histoire de Pessac - 2020 - Official competition
  • A Cinétévé and Arte France production