• Direction

    Elisabeth Kapnist
  • Coproduction

    With the participation of France3, SACEM, Procirep, Ango-Agicoa and of the Centre National de la Cinématographie
  • Broadcaster



It treats of the discovery of an exceptional family, which generation after generation ( we can count today 5 generations) pass on a peculiar patrimony : the devotion to art. In fact, excluding Frederik the historian, who play the role of the exception that confirms the rule, in Casadesus’s family everybody is inevitably an artist, musician, comedian or plastic surgeon. At the begining it was a story about a father, a Catalan public accountant, who lied so much music that he required to each of his 9 children to play of an instrument and to preserve the Casadesus name. Thus was born this dynasty. By which strange waythe father’s demand was accomplished? How the transmission was done and why does still existe today? The topic of this movie it’s to glance sensibly , with a regard full of curiosity and questioning at those characters who compose a family of which, artistic radiation is one of their founding values. Peculiar characters, complexes, haunted by love of arts and in particular of music, thy are linked, not only by blood ties but also by desire to perpetuate thier knowledge.

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  • Support location

    Beta Num, DVcam
  • Technical team

    Camera : Isabelle FERMON, Elisabeth KAPNIST, Georges de GENEVRAY, Renaud PERSONNAZ
    Sound: Antoine RODET, Thomas PERLMUTTER, Yves LAISNÉ
    Editing: Adriana KOMIVES
  • Cast

    Original score : Jean Jacques LEMÊTRE