• Direction

    Dev Benegal
  • Author

    D'après le roman de Upumanyu CHATTERJEE


Dev BENEGAL’s first full-length, “English August” is the description of the evolution of post colonial India in the 90’s, shown through the daily life of a young civil servant in the Indian Administration, taking function of his first post, in the Province of Madna. In the middle of mosquitos, in an unbearable warmth, this young lover of rock and of poetry will meet notables of the place and some marginals from different kinds. English August is a hilarious travel throught India. Combining the functionary extravaganza with “Ghandism”, warmth and monsoon, the new-rich, bleu movies, musical movies, literature and United-States! In the middle of every those things, Agastya try to find a sense to his life. But as it isn’t so easy then he creates different characters : polite and obliging with his superiors, satirical and subversive with his new meetings, nostalgic and lost when he is on his own, caught by a erotic and disturbing introspection. English August is full of “hot” anecdotes.

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  • Cast

    Rahul BOSE - Salim SHAH - Tanvin AZMI
  • Festival

    Grand prix spécial du Jury, Festival de Turin 1994
    2ème Prix Montgolfière d'argent et Prix Gilberto Martinez Solares
    Festival des 3 continents de Nantes 1994